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What Does a Dietitian Do

ASNA (Asia sports nutrition association) is one of the most authoritative sports nutrition curriculum development and training certification organizations in the Asian-Pacific region. It adopts completely independent online examination system, and completely eradicates the artificial evaluation error and unfairness of cooperative education institutions. Since ASNA established in Hong Kong, it has been allied with branches such as ASNA China/Japan/South Korea, devoting to integrating global resources and providing professional knowledge for the development of Asian nutrition market. In order to promote the development of Asian nutrition market and improve people’s livelihood, it has been keeping making arduous efforts.
The scopes of the main business for ASNA are as follow: to carry out popular science work; to carry out education and training in sports and nutrition field; to edit and publish journals, books, audiovisual products and network propaganda material in the field of nutrition science according to law; to protect the members' legal rights and interests; to reflect the opinions and demands of the nutrition science workers; to promote the construction of scientific morality and style of study; to actively carry out sports nutrition advisory services, technology development, technology transfer and to promote the transformation of scientific achievements, nutrition science and technology achievements; to carry out the recognition of the award, the results of identification and professional and technical level verification and other works according to the law; to organize and carry out public welfare activities etc.
Purposes of ASNA are as follow: To promote the development, popularization and promotion of nutrition science and technology and to promote the development and improvement of scientific talents; to promote the combination of science and technology and economic construction; to reflect the opinions and demands of the VIP and nutrition science workers and to protect their legitimate rights and interests; to serve for economic construction, to serve for improving scientific nutrition quality of the whole people, to serve for science and technology works, to make constantly efforts for the development of Asian Nutrition Science and Technology undertakings and improvement of people’s livelihood.

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